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A full-mouth reconstruction can improve the health, function, and appearance of your gums, teeth, and jawbone for more efficient chewing, biting, speech, and a better-looking grin. Full-mouth reconstruction at Pipe Creek Dental Center may include (but is not limited to) inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, veneers, dental implants, and dentures. Certain reconstruction procedures may also take a bone or gum graft. As an experienced dentist, Dr. Carolyn Walker offers full-mouth restoration at her office in Pipe Creek, TX that can help to rejuvenate both your oral health and the look of your smile. She will listen to your concerns and goals prior to creating your special full-mouth restoration treatment program.

There are many benefits to full-mouth reconstruction, including:

  • Improved appearance of your smile
  • Restored functionality of your teeth, mouth, and jaw
  • Enhanced oral health
  • Customized treamtent plans
  • Treatment of oral conditions, such as periodontal disease

Full-mouth reconstruction may be needed if you have lost a few teeth or have many teeth with large fillings that need replacement. You might also have teeth with widespread decay or teeth that are broken, cracked, or severely worn down because of bruxism (chronic teeth grinding). You might have dental conditions or even a genetic disorder like ectodermal dysplasia (teeth absent since birth), amelogenesis imperfecta (very small teeth), or dentinogenesis imperfecta (stained or translucent teeth), which all require extensive treatment. You might choose to replace older dental crowns, or just want to enhance your mouth for better comfort or health. In more advanced cases, your degraded teeth and gums may have created a visible facial deformity, like sunken cheeks. A full-mouth reconstruction can rejuvenate the entire face when the ideal quantity of teeth are in place.

Following a complete examination of your gums, teeth, and bite, Dr. Walker may suggest full-mouth reconstruction. Your unique treatment program will be customized, depending on the condition of your teeth, gums, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), jaw muscles, and bite. Dr. Walker will go over your treatment and sedation alternatives during your consultation to make sure your treatment plan fits your needs and goals. Once your treatment program is created, she will discuss exactly what to expect in your full-mouth reconstruction and schedule your appointments. In general, full-mouth reconstruction will take several visits to Pipe Creek Dental Center. Dr. Walker will plan your treatments with time in between to allow you to recover until you are ready for the next step.

After each treatment in your customized treatment program, Dr. Walker will explain what to expect and how to care for your mouth. She can prescribe antibiotics or pain medicine that should be filled prior to your procedure and taken as directed. You may experience some swelling or discomfort following certain processes, like implant placement, that will make it difficult to eat so a liquid or soft food diet might be most appropriate for you. After your full-mouth reconstruction is complete, you should maintain your oral health with proper flossing and brushing at home. Yearly dental examinations and biannual cleanings at Pipe Creek Dental Center will also be helpful. During your examinations, Dr. Walker can monitor the health of your own restorations, natural teeth, gums, and jaw.

Had another amazing experience at PCDC! The staff makes you feel right at home. So glad Dr. Walker and her staff are here in Pipe Creek!!!!

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Those ladies are angels. They have been a blessing to me. I never felt blessed by strangers now I can say I have. They are professional and caring. You are actually treated like a real person not just a patient.

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My hygienist, Shay, was thorough and meticulous. She also took the time to explain things to me, which broadened my understanding of dental health. Dr. Walker has a welcoming and comforting presence. She was gentle and still did everything she needed to do. I highly recommend Pipe Creek Dental.

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Great, friendly and knowledgeable staff!

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I’m 63. First time in my life I did NOT have a bad experience with a dentist!! She actually listened to me, didn’t judge!! I will certainly be back.

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If you are looking for a dental solution to your complicated dental issues with full-mouth reconstruction, we invite you to schedule a consultation at Pipe Creek Dental Center. Dr. Walker will create your personalized treatment plan to meet your needs and goals. She can help restore your mouth so you can enjoy a brilliant, healthy smile.

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Does a full-mouth reconstruction hurt?

Full-mouth reconstructions can encompass a wide range of dental procedures, from simple to advanced. But no matter if you're just getting porcelain veneers or dental implants, Dr. Walker pairs an experienced, gentle hand with the latest local anesthetic options to ensure that you are comfortable throughout every procedure to create your beautiful new smile.

How many visits will I need for my full-mouth reconstruction?

How many visits you'll need for your full-mouth reconstruction depends on your oral health and goals. Most patients will require multiple visits for their reconstruction. During your consultation with Dr. Walker, she will examine you and listen to your concerns and then work with you to create a treatment plan. Once your plan is finalized, she can give you an expectation of your number of office visits.

Will my teeth look natural after my full-mouth reconstruction?

Yes, they will. Dr. Walker takes into account the overall aesthetics of your face when creating your full-mouth reconstruction. This helps her choose the correct shape, size, and shade of replacement or treatment that will achieve a result that not only strengthens your smile but ensures it looks naturally beautiful and never fake.

Can I eat normally immediately after the procedures are completed?

Adjusting to your newly reconstructed mouth might take some time. While some procedures have minimal impact on your daily eating habits, more complex treatments like dental implants or bone grafts might require you to stick to a modified diet temporarily. Dr. Walker will provide specific guidelines on when you can resume normal eating habits based on your unique treatment plan.

How do I maintain my results long-term?

Maintaining the results of a full-mouth reconstruction involves more than just regular brushing and flossing. Dr. Walker will outline a comprehensive oral care routine that may include special types of toothpaste, mouthwash, or dental appliances. Regular check-ups and cleanings at Pipe Creek Dental Center are essential to ensure the longevity of your reconstruction.

Is sedation available?

Patient comfort is a top priority for Dr. Walker and the team at Pipe Creek Dental Center. If you're anxious about dental work or undergoing multiple procedures, sedation options are available to make your experience as comfortable as possible. During your consultation, Dr. Walker will discuss the different sedation methods available and help you choose the best one for your needs.

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