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Why Might I Need a CT Scan Before Dental Treatment?

By: Dr. Carolyn B. Walker


A CT scan, or computed tomography scan, allows professionals like Dr. Carolyn B. Walker to see detailed images of the teeth and jawbone. This advanced diagnostic tool is especially helpful when planning complex treatments such as dental implants.

At Pipe Creek Dental Center, we use the Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic for our CT scans. Our state-of-the-art machine produces high-quality images with minimal radiation exposure. If you are about to undergo a dental procedure that requires a CT scan, call now to book an assessment in Pipe Creek, TX. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent care through the use of modern technology.

The importance of accurate imaging

It's important to have a complete and accurate understanding of your oral health before beginning any dental treatment. This is where a CT scan becomes crucial. Unlike traditional x-rays, a CT scan produces 3-dimensional, detailed images that allow for a comprehensive view of the skull, jaws, and teeth. With this information, Dr. Walker can diagnose any issues and plan your treatment accordingly. We can reduce the risk of complications and ensure more successful outcomes.

What dental procedures require a CT scan?

A CT scan is often used when planning a dental implant procedure. This is because implants require precise placement in the jawbone. Using a CT scan, Dr. Walker can determine the correct angle, rotation, depth, width, and height of the implant and restoration. Our team in Pipe Creek, TX, ensures that the implant is in the best position for stability, function, and aesthetics.

In addition to dental implants, a CT scan may be used for orthodontics, wisdom teeth extractions, and root canal treatments. It also helps detect and diagnose conditions that impact the teeth and jawbone.

What is the process like?

The process of getting a CT scan is quick and virtually painless. During an appointment at Pipe Creek Dental Center, we guide patients into a comfortable seated position or lying down on the scanning table. The machine will rotate around your head, taking a series of images in just a few seconds. You may be asked to hold your breath for a short time during the scan. Once the scan is complete, our staff will review and analyze the images.

What are the benefits of a CT scan?

There are numerous benefits to getting a CT scan, including:

  • Accuracy: CT scans provide detailed and precise images that allow for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Efficiency: With a CT scan, Dr. Walker can gather the necessary information in one appointment, saving time and reducing the need for multiple visits.
  • Comfort: Unlike other imaging options, a CT scan is noninvasive and relatively comfortable for dental patients.

We understand that some people have concerns about radiation exposure. However, the Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic uses minimal radiation while still producing high-quality images. In fact, the amount of radiation you are exposed to during a CT scan is similar to that of a traditional set of x-rays.

Plan your next dental visit

When it comes to your oral health, accuracy and precision are key. At Pipe Creek Dental Center, we are committed to using modern technology and techniques like CT scans to provide the best possible care. If you require a CT scan for dental implants, contact us today in Pipe Creek, TX. Dr. Carolyn B. Walker will ensure that your treatment is thoroughly planned and executed.

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