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Dental Crowns in Pipe Creek, TX

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Do you have teeth with significant damage or tooth decay? Our team at Pipe Creek Dental Center can fix those teeth using dental crowns. Dr. Walker treats damaged teeth with the convenience of single-appointment dental crowns to strengthen and protect the visible area of the tooth while returning it to its original size and shape. Crowns are custom made using the advanced E4D treatment system and blend evenly with your natural teeth. They can be attached to single implants to replace individual missing teeth or combined into a unit to function as a bridge. Contact Pipe Creek Dental Center in Pipe Creek, TX to arrange a consultation to find out if dental crowns can restore your smile.

At Pipe Creek Dental Center, we know the embarrassment and dysfunction of losing or chipped teeth. We offer dental crowns as an option for Pipe Creek, TX, patients who are looking to gain benefits as a result of their procedure, including:

  • More comfort and simplicity of talking, chewing, and smiling
  • Easy, customized treatment that requires minimal downtime
  • Renewed function and appearance of teeth and smile
  • Long-lasting results that will keep you happy for years in the future

Traditionally, a dental crown required two office appointments involving numbing injections and messy molds of the mouth. During the dentist visit, patients will receive a numbing anesthetic, and the tooth will be cleaned and prepared for restoration. During this process with the use of a drill, decayed material and other debris are removed; in some cases, a small amount of healthy tooth structure may also be removed to accommodate the crown. Because the E4D system is equipped to take digital impressions, no uncomfortable molds are needed. This is a great benefit for patients because dental impressions can be uncomfortable and taste bad. Instead, the digital impression of the tooth is then transferred to the on-site milling machine where the new crown is created from a single block of color-matched porcelain. The final stage of this process is ensuring a proper fit and coloration of the crown. It will then be glazed, polished, and bonded to the remaining tooth. Patients leave the Pipe Creek Dental Center office with a restored and balanced bite that looks and feels completely natural.

Following its placement, your custom crown will be adjusted to feel comfortable in your mouth. Dr. Walker will explain the most effective way to care for your crown and show you home care practices. During your routine appointments at our Pipe Creek, TX facility, one of our professionals will track your restoration and oral wellness. With proper care, a dental restoration should help safeguard your tooth's appearance and function for several years. If your restoration ever feels loose or is no longer attached to your tooth, it is best to reach out to Pipe Creek Dental Center for assistance without delay. Trying to repair or glue it back on yourself may damage your dental crown and tooth.

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Highly professional and courteous staff! They were able to see me on short notice. However, I had a simple extraction done and, when it was all said and done, it cost me a whopping $480. Perhaps I was billed incorrectly, but that is on the high side for a simple extraction, compared to what others in the area would charge. I only went here because the dentist I normally use was booked. Other than that, highly professional and friendly.Great if you have a dental emergency and can't get a quick appointment anywhere else.

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Took my 13 yo son there, with his Arkansas smile. They made him feel very comfortable and welcome. He said he felt no pain and he liked the people there. 9 cavities filled and teeth look really good. The walks around showing everyone his new Bandera Smile. Thanks guys he will be back for his next dental checkup in 6 months

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The office was clean and presentable. Staff were all cheerful, pleasant and well knowledgable in procedures and products. Loved the Saturday option. Keep up the great work!

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It was fantastic!! They are the greatest friendly they make you feel special

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Cavities, decay, and other types of tooth damage may be repaired with a same-day dental crown at our Pipe Creek, TX office. A custom crown can help prevent further dental health issues and give you back a healthy-looking smile. Get in touch with Pipe Creek Dental Center to set up a consultation with Dr. Carolyn Walker, and learn if a custom dental crown is right for you.

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What tooth issues can a dental crown fix?

A custom dental crown at Pipe Creek Dental Center can fix a wide variety of tooth issues, including teeth that are missing, cracked, chipped, worn down, darkened or discolored, misshapen, or severely decayed.

Will my dental crown look natural?

Yes, it will. Dr. Walker makes dental crowns with color-matched custom-milled porcelain that will match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth, so only you will know that you have a dental crown.

Does getting a dental crown hurt?

No, most patients do not experience pain or discomfort while having a dental crown placed. Dr. Walker uses a local anesthetic to completely numb the tooth to be treated. With her skill and years of experience, Dr. Walker works to ensure your dental crown procedure is quick, effective, easy, and most of all, comfortable.

How long does a dental crown last?

Depending on which tooth was treated and your overall oral health, a dental crown can typically last up to 10 years or longer with regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups at Pipe Creek Dental Center.

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