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Even if you have a perfect oral hygiene routine at home, it is still important for you to schedule a professional dental cleaning at Pipe Creek Dental Center twice each year. Using state-of-the-art equipment, a professional cleaning treats tartar and plaque that has built up and then polishes the enamel for a healthier, brighter smile. We also offer tips for better home oral care and educate you on any areas of concern. A professional dental cleaning will allow Dr. Walker to identify any issues in your mouth that might require treatment. Having a dental cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining your dental health so make appointments for your entire family at our Pipe Creek, TX location.

Having regular dental cleanings at Pipe Creek Dental Center in Pipe Creek, TX is a crucial part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy and offers a number of great benefits, including:

  • Providing a full oral examination
  • Identifying any potential oral health issues
  • Removing stuck on tartar and plaque that brushing can't
  • Brightening the teeth
  • Creating fresher breath
  • Prolonging the healthy life of your teeth

A professional cleaning starts by using medical-grade tools to remove tartar and plaque that have built up on your enamel, and then a device with ultrasonic technology will loosen plaque and tartar with high-speed vibrations and a lubricating mist. Next, handheld instruments, like a scaler or curette, will remove the remaining pieces. Each tooth will be treated individually to get all the buildup, and then your enamel will be carefully polished to remove stains and strengthen the teeth. If requested, a fluoride treatment can be completed after your cleaning. During your cleaning, we will provide tips for maintaining a good oral health routine at home and recommend products that can focus on your specific concerns.

They took great care of me and the staff was super friendly!

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The employees are very friendly, and professional. They are happy to explain things, so you can understand what they’re talking about. The dentist was nice, and paid attention to what I was saying to her. Thank you for getting me in so quickly, especially since I’m a new patient, same day service. Y’all Rock!!

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I had the best experience while I was In the chair, I was so scared to get an injection shot but I honestly didn't feel a thing, it was unbelievable and It was great, made it so much easier for me.

T.T. Google

Both doctors are exceptional. Y’all won’t regret coming here! Can’t miss us, we have a giant tooth out front 😋

J.A. Facebook

Dr. Walker worked with my school schedule and was able to see me as soon as possible. Dr. Walker and the staff made me feel at home before and after my procedure. As a former patient of Dr. Lyman I am happy to know Pipe Creek Dental is still so warm and inviting. Thanks again to Dr. Walker, Tori and staff for taking care of me! ❤️😊

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Keep your teeth bright and healthy with professional cleanings two times a year. At Pipe Creek Dental Center, Dr. Walker helps adults and children maintain excellent dental health with thorough cleanings that remove plaque and tartar buildup. As a vital part of any preventive oral health plan, a professional cleaning can keep you from needing more invasive treatments later. Contact our office in Pipe Creek, TX to schedule an appointment.

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What does the dentist do for heavy dental plaque removal?

Dr. Walker gently but effectively removes caked-on plaque with a hand-held metal scaler. With this hooked tool, she is able to remove plaque in-between teeth, under the gum line, and even hard-to-brush places on the “back” of your teeth. In some cases, a deep cleaning is necessary to remove years of tartar build-up.

How can I prepare for my dental cleaning?

Be sure to confirm your appointment — so we know you’re coming! We recommend brushing and flossing before your appointment, even if we’re cleaning your teeth during your visit. Arrive early if you have paperwork to fill out or need to update your insurance information. If you are experiencing any oral pain, don’t forget to tell Dr. Walker and her team at the beginning of the appointment.

When am I allowed to eat or drink after my teeth cleaning?

A best practice is to wait 30 minutes for cold beverages and soft, cold foods and four hours to enjoy hot food and drinks. Hot foods and beverages dissolve fluoride if it hasn’t finished setting yet. Both hot and cold foods and drinks can cause pain or discomfort to sensitive teeth and gums post-cleaning.

Why did my gums bleed during my dental cleaning?

Bleeding gums can be super painful, but there is a way to prevent your gums from bleeding at future dental cleanings. Inflamed, bloody gums are caused by bacteria. This is the first stage of gum disease, also called gingivitis. To prevent this in the future, regularly brush your teeth and gums, floss, and mouthwash to keep bacteria from growing. If you start taking care of your oral hygiene when you first notice the bleeding — you can reverse the gum disease. If not, gum disease will continue to thrive, causing damage that is both costly and painful.

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