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Personalized dentures are an efficient approach to replacing lost teeth. These prosthetic pieces make it easier to talk, eat, and smile with confidence after tooth loss. Pipe Creek Dental Center designs full and partial detachable and implant-held dentures for our patients in Pipe Creek, TX. Full-arch dentures replace each of the teeth in the upper arch, bottom arch, or both; partial dentures can be used when a number of teeth are still intact. At Pipe Creek Dental Center, Dr. Carolyn Walker can help you decide whether detachable or implant-held dentures will solve your problems, and we then have them carefully made to produce a natural look and fit. Arrange your evaluation with our team to find out more.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures?

Dentures offer a range of benefits for individuals dealing with tooth loss, providing an effective solution to restore functionality and aesthetics to their smiles. In Pipe Creek, TX, residents can also access these advantages to enhance their oral health and overall well-being. Some key benefits of dentures include:

  • Improved chewing ability
  • Enhanced speech for clear communication
  • Restored facial support and oral health
  • Affordable and customizable solution
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Our staff will begin by getting 3D or molded impressions of your upper and lower arches. These impressions will then be forwarded to a special dental lab, which will create your unique dentures. Single-arch and bridge dentures are made from a light resin, which could be supported by a titanium inner structure. When made from such high-quality materials, dentures should mimic the look of your real teeth and gumline. Once your custom dentures arrive at Pipe Creek Dental Center, we will have you come back for a fitting. We will adjust your restorations so they are comfortable or fasten them to previously placed titanium implants. Dr. Walker will also educate you on taking care of your new dentures.

It may take a few weeks before you can chew or speak like normal, but these things get easier with time. If your dentures are too loose, call Pipe Creek Dental Center so we can arrange a refit. You can take care of your dentures by brushing them with a soft brush following every meal and keeping them in water at night to prevent them from drying out. We advise you to return to our practice for routine checkups so we can check the state of your dentures and overall oral health.

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Find a reason to smile again after losing teeth with full or partial tooth restorations. Dr. Walker is excited to provide full mouth and partial removable and implant-held dentures to individuals in Pipe Creek, TX. To find out more about the ways dentures might reinvigorate your smile, set up a consultation at Pipe Creek Dental Center.

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How long should I wear my dentures each day?

Our Pipe Creek, TX patients who receive dentures for the first time often have many questions about their use and usability. For our first-time denture wearers, we recommend leaving your new dentures in for at least 24 hours, even through the night, especially immediately following your extractions. Your dentures will act as a protection for your gums as they heal and allow you to functionally eat and speak normally throughout the process.

How long will it take to get used to my dentures?

We understand that dentures are a hugely personal choice that impacts many different areas of your day-to-day life. Concern about feeling "normal" is valid! Rest assured that while immediately following your denture installment, your body will be aware of a new, foreign-feeling object, but that your body will adjust over time. We encourage our patients to give their dentures 4-6 weeks, on average, to adjust to the look and feel.

What can I eat with my new dentures?

At Pipe Creek Dental Center, many of our patients ask about what they can (and cannot) eat with their dentures. For the majority of patients, you should be able to eat almost anything you like after your gums are healed from the initial installment. For your overall gum health and the longevity of your dentures, we recommend avoiding foods like chewing gum, popcorn, sticky candy, or anything that is too strenuous for your dentures.

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