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Scaling and Root Planing in Pipe Creek, TX

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Fortunately, if periodontal (gum) disease is found in the first stage, also called gingivitis, it could be reversed with a thorough dental cleaning and an increased focus on oral hygiene regimens. But if the gum issue progresses to the next phase, referred to as periodontitis, Dr. Carolyn Walker might offer teeth scaling and root planing (SRP) therapy. Scaling and root planing is an effective periodontal disease procedure that removes buildup, tartar, and harmful bacteria from beneath your gum tissues. To conduct this therapy, our highly trained dental professionals smooth the outsides of the tooth roots within periodontal pockets using precise dental instruments. SRP will create a better atmosphere for your gumline and help undo the advancement of gum disease. When you notice symptoms of periodontitis, schedule a visit at Pipe Creek Dental Center to learn more about scaling and root planing.

Ideal candidates for scaling and root planing are people who have bleeding or sensitive gums, halitosis, gumline erosion, or other signs of gum disease. When you come for your appointment, our staff will measure the areas separating your teeth from the gum tissues. In cases where these pockets are over three millimeters deep and x-rays prove that bone loss has taken place, Dr. Walker may perform SRP therapy. This periodontal disease treatment should diminish the depth of the gum pockets, which can enable you to care for your gums with simpler techniques. Periodontal disease diagnosed in the middle stage will frequently be eliminated with SRP therapy at Pipe Creek Dental Center.

SRP therapy at our Pipe Creek, TX facility is usually completed in quadrants of your mouth over the course of 1 – 4 visits. To ensure your comfort, Dr. Walker will dull your mouth by administering a general anesthetic. Sedation will also be offered if you are nervous when having oral care. During the procedure, we will use an ultrasonic root scaler and hand tools to remove buildup and plaque from within your gum pockets. The tooth root surfaces will then be evened out or planed to minimize the areas where disease-causing bacteria might accumulate. Topical antibiotics may be administered deep into the periodontal pockets to improve oral wellness and slow down bacterial accumulation.

You may experience swelling and gum pain for a few days after your SRP therapy. Taking over-the-counter pain meds and doing warm saline rinses will help ease your discomfort. Keeping up with great dental hygiene habits, including basic toothbrushing and flossing each day, is critical for retaining your gum wellness. Dr. Walker might also urge you to receive regular periodontal treatments to help minimize the chances of repeated infections and more effectively care for your periodontal wellness. These gum maintenance visits are frequently done 3 – 4 times per year and replace biannual dental cleanings.


Everyone there was awesome! Helped with doing as much as they could to beat my surgery deadline! Also major help with applying for reasonable credit line! Thanks all of you! Linds

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My experience is always delightful and comfortable, from check in, the procedure I'm there for, to check out! I highly recommend Pipe Creek Dental Center to others in the area.

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Fantastic people work here. Always kind . Makes my fear of dental work disappear. Thank you to all the crew at Pipe Creek dental office

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This professional Dental office was exactly what I was looking for. All were knowledgeable, skilled, friendly and patient oriented. I trust them all with my dental health.

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Thanks to advancements in the dental field, it's possible to address and get rid of the problems associated with periodontal disease. At Pipe Creek Dental Center, our staff provides low-maintenance scaling and root planing to target the later stages of gum disease and stop its advancement. Contact us for a gum evaluation with Dr. Walker at her Pipe Creek, TX office.

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Does scaling and root planing hurt?

Scaling and root planing may cause some discomfort, but local anesthetic can help reduce pain or sensitivity. Sedation is also available for those who find dental treatments to be particularly stressful. Rest assured that Dr. Walker understands the importance of comfort, and we will do everything in our power to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

How long does it take for scaling and root planing to work?

The results of scaling and root planing may not be immediately noticeable. However, most patients report positive outcomes within a short period of time. Our Pipe Creek, TX team members can provide a timeline for your particular situation and information on how to maintain good oral health. We suggest follow-up visits to ensure the periodontal disease is properly managed.

What are the long-term effects of scaling and root planing?

Periodontal disease treatment aims to stop progression, not just temporarily reduce symptoms. Scaling and root planing can help keep your gumline healthy if you practice good oral hygiene habits at home. Pipe Creek Dental Center can offer advice on keeping your teeth and gums healthy between appointments.

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